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Butter Garlic Spot Prawns

Our Butter Garlic Spot Prawns recipe combines fresh, locally-caught prawns with a rich, buttery garlic sauce, creating a simple yet elegant dish that highlights the Pacific Northwest's flavors.

Grilled Cedar Plank Salmon

Grilled Cedar Plank Pacific Salmon, a unique culinary experience, features salmon grilled on a cedar plank for a moist, tender, and subtly smoky flavor, perfect for any summertime barbecue.

Pan-Seared Lingcod

The Pan-Seared Lingcod recipe, with its delicate texture and rich butter-garlic sauce, is a quick, flavorful homage to Port Alberni's coastal cuisine.

Signature Steamed Crab

Our Steamed Dungeness Crab recipe offers a succulent taste of Port Alberni's waters, perfectly steamed to celebrate the region's fishing heritage and ideal for any special meal.