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Discover the Thrill of the Pacific with Fish-On Salmon Charters
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The Journey

Embark on a journey with Fish-On Salmon Charters and immerse yourself in the spectacular beauty of the Pacific West Coast. Nestled in Port Alberni, the renowned "Salmon Capital of the World" on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, our expert guides are passionate about creating fishing adventures that will become treasured memories.

Whether you're a "fairweather boater" seeking serene outings in the sheltered Alberni Inlet, or an adventurer yearning for the open seas, we tailor our charters to your preference. Experience the exhilaration of reeling in Salmon and Halibut in the Pacific's rich waters, with a chance to witness the majestic dance of grey whales, orcas, and dolphins.

Meet Your Captain

As a Vancouver native, Captain Barry offers a treasure trove of knowledge about local fish species and the rich wildlife in and around Port Alberni, known as the "Salmon Capital of the World." Get ready to explore the prime spots for various salmon species, including the highly sought-after Chinook and Coho salmon, particularly abundant from late August through September. These expeditions are not just about fishing; they're a chance to immerse in the stunning natural beauty of Vancouver Island, with its majestic mountains and vibrant wildlife, including bears, eagles, orcas, and dolphins.

Captain Barry ensures that every aspect of your trip is catered to, providing all necessary fishing gear, including rods, reels, tackle, downriggers, and an assortment of lures and frozen bait like herring and anchovies. Post-catch, he'll skillfully clean and fillet your harvest, allowing you to savor the taste of your achievement.

Meet Your Boat

Fish-On Charters' expeditions set sail on a Grady White 232 Gulf Stream saltwater fishing boat, powered by a robust 300 HP Yamaha engine. This vessel comfortably accommodates up to 4 guests and is equipped with top-notch amenities like life jackets, GPS, fish-finder, and a convenient onboard toilet – perfect for family trips.

To join us on this exhilarating journey, all you need is a valid fishing license. Set off from the tranquil corners of Port Alberni and make your dream fishing trip a reality with Fish-On Charters. Get ready to "get your fish on" in some of the best Sockeye and Chinook fishing hotspots like Lone Tree Point, Coulson’s Mill, and the China Creek Wall, promising an angling adventure you'll cherish forever!

Join us at Fish-On Salmon Charters, where every trip is an opportunity to explore, learn, and connect with nature's wonders.